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Our journey

An Italian Woman Born in Florence - My Story with Handmade Handbags in Florence


Our journey

My name is Lucy, and I'm the owner of *Chic Milano* handbag shop. Along with my husband, our journey began when we found our passion for crafting handbags while wandering through Italy's ancient streets. This newfound passion sparked a dream I never imagined.



-2011- The commencing year of Chic Milano


This marks the beginning for our brand Chic Milano, when I chose to introduce a touch of Italy to new York. I'll be using my skills, creativity, and my connections with artisans in Florence who contributed to making "Made in Italy" renowned worldwide.


-2012- First collaboration

Chic Milano's stylish handbags were chosen by designers from New York to be shown at New York Fashion Week in 2017.

This was a big moment for us because it showed that people really liked what we made and saw its potential.



-2013- CHIC MILANO at markets


We wanted more people to know about Chic Milano, so we decided to try selling our products at different markets.

It was hard work selling at markets, but Caterina, who loves meeting new people and explaining what we do, found it really rewarding. During this time, we made some great connections with our customers, who now support us every day. We're so thankful for their kindness.


-2014- Promoting our brand

In New York, we know how important social media is for getting the word out about our brand and making new friends.

We were really impressed by each other's skills, so we decided to team up and make a special Limited Edition of painted leather bags by Sarah and designed by me.

Working together has been awesome, both in our personal lives and for our business.


-2015- CHIC MILANO joins international fashion event

We partnered with a big fashion event featuring models from all over the world. They came together to support charities and good causes.


-2016- We got married!

In 2020, we tied the knot in the beautiful city of Tuscany, Italy, where Michael grew up. Despite the ups and downs our business, Chic Milano, brought us, nothing would make sense without each other. So, as cheesy as it may sound, our partnership, friendship, companionship, and love are deeply embedded in the Chic Milano brand.


-2017- Chic Milano's First Shop

Located on a vibrant street in New York City, our dreams came true when we opened our first pop-up shop. The street was buzzing with energy, making it the perfect spot for our Chic Milano brand. I spent my days working there, changing displays, creating content for our online store, and chatting with wonderful customers. I also enjoyed plenty of coffee and glasses of bubbles with friends!


-2018- Commitment to Craftsmanship

As our store keeps growing, we stay dedicated to working closely with the best Italian artisans, guaranteeing that our handbags maintain their quality and heritage.


-2019- A second shop inauguration

Located on an exciting street in the north side of New York, our days were filled with meeting fantastic individuals and discussing all things related to Made in Italy and fashion. The success of this new store left us feeling grateful and eager for what 2022 holds!


-2020- Join Our Journey

Today, we welcome you to join us on this adventure, where two cultures come together to craft a symphony of grace. Explore the world with Chic Milano, where the richness of tradition meets the endless possibilities of tomorrow.